Critical Care Nursing Careers at University Hospital

The program hires approximately 12 -15 nurses annually into full-time and part-time positions.  Recently, the program has welcomed new Ontario nursing grads into the ICU through the Nursing Graduate Guarantee Initiative (NGGI).

If you have questions about joining the Intensive Care Unit through the NGGI program, please call us at 1-877-LHSC-JOB (547-2562).

NGGI:  New Graduate Guarantee Initiative

The Ontario government introduced the New Graduate Guarantee in 2007.  This initiative is aimed at ensuring that every new nursing graduate who wishes to work full time in Ontario will have that opportunity.

We have introduced a comprehensive orientation program for new graduates that incorporates a college level critical care course with clinical training in the ICU.  Upon successful completion of the 6 - 7 month program, the nurse will have a position in the ICU and certificate in critical care.

Critical Care Orientation

New staff are given a thorough orientation to both the Medical-Surgical ICU and the Cardiac Surgery Recovery Unit (CSRU).

The critical care orientation at London Health Sciences Centre's University Hospital is a 10 week course that incorporates various learning methods (self-directed study, online, didactic, case studies, hands-on).  The orientation is longer than most hospital orientations because the nurse must learn about the CSRU as well as the Medical-Surgical ICU.


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