Cystic Fibrosis Referral Information for Health Professionals

Should you suspect that one of your patients has cystic fibrosis, please send a referral to the Paediatric Medical Day Unit (PMDU) to have a sweat test completed. Sweat tests for patients referred from physicians only happen on Thursday afternoons.

Telephone: 519-685-8500 Extension 52032

Fax: 519-685-8130

Referral Form

If the results of your patients sweat test come back positive, please send a referral to the following physicians:

Dr. April Price - paediatric patients only

Dr. Brian Lyttle - paediatric patients and patients (children and adults) from the Sault Ste. Marie area

Dr. James Lewis - adult patients only. Fax 519-646-6404

Should you have any questions or concerns, they can be directed to the adult and paediatric clinic nurse case managers:



Jennifer Itterman RN - Paediatric Nurse Case Manager
Telephone: 519-685-8500 Extension 52692

Fax: 519-685-8130

Tracy Gooyers RN - Adult Nurse Case Manager
Telephone: 519-685-8500 Extension 55186

Sharon Hughes - CF Program Administrative Support
Telephone: 519-685-8500 Extension 71861

Fax: 519-667-6782


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