Current Concepts in the Management of Knee Osteoarthritis, June 2009


From Molecules to Function: Examining Changes due to Osteoarthritis in the Knee Joint Organ
Shawn Robbins PT, PhD Candidate

Bracing Options for Knee Osteoarthritis
Rob Wilson, Manager of "The Wrec Room”

The OA Knee:  Exploring the Potential for Rapid Change

Richard Rosedale, PT

High Tibial Osteotomy: REAL Surgery for Active Individuals
Dr. Robert Giffin, Orthopaedic Surgeon

The Arthritis Society - 60 Years of Arthritis Research and Programs

Rose McKenna, PT

A Randomized Trial of Arthroscopic Surgery for Osteoarthritis of the Knee
Dr. Trevor Birmingham, PT, PhD

Arthroplasty Options for the Management of Knee Osteoarthritis
Dr. James Howard, Orthopaedic Surgeon

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