Rounds are a way to share important information about a patient's medical condition with the members of the healthcare team who are responsible for the patient's care.  During rounds, we examine the patient's medical problems, treatment plan and response to treatments. We incorporate the expertise of the many different healthcare professionals and specialists in CCTC, to determine the best possible treatment plan for each individual patient.

Rounds are lead by the Critical Care Consultant. We share our plans openly with our patients and their substitue decion-makers. Please ask us if you have any questions about the plan or any aspect of your family member's care.


Morning Rounds

Every morning, the CCTC team meets to review each patient's progress and to identify the plan for the day. On Monday to Friday, these rounds are usually conducted in the conference room.

On weekends,when the team is smaller, morning rounds are usually conducted as "walking rounds".

In our continued effort to look for ways to do our work more effectively and efficiently, we are currently reviewing our method for doing rounds. You may see us try different strategies over the coming months as we test out different techniques as a team.

Afternoon rounds

Every afternoon, the medical team will make bedside rounds to review the progress on the days plan and to assess the patients. The plan is reassessed and revised as needed.

In later afternoon or early evening, the number of physicians will decrease, depending upon the activity level in the unit. There is a physician in the unit all the time.




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