CCTC Charge Nurses

The CCTC is a very busy environment, where patients' conditions are constantly changing. The ongoing challenge of trying to ensure that all critically ill patients obtain a bed in the CCTC when they need one requires many behind the scene activities. One of our CCTC Charge Nurses or an Acting Charge Nurses is on duty each shift, 24 hours per day, coordinating patient care assignments, admissions and discharges from CCTC. The Charge Nurse also oversees patient care during the shift.

If you have any comments or concerns regarding the care your family member is receiving, please speak to the Charge Nurse on duty. The Unit Clerk can help you to locate the Charge Nurse.

Our four full-time Charge Nurses are listed below. An experienced Staff Nurse will assume Activing Charge Nurse duties when a full-time Charge Nurse is not available.







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