Attending Physicians

Critically ill patient are admitted to CCTC with a variety of underlying medical and surgical problems. Patients are admitted to hospital under the care of a physician called an "Attending" or "Primary" Physician. Attending physicians are usually specialists in a field of medicine or surgery, depending upon the patient's primary problem at admission to hospital. All attending physicians are faculty members with the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at Western University.


Once a patient is admitted to the CCTC, the day-to-day care needs are coordinated and provided by one of the CCTC Consultants and the CCTC team of Health Professionals. The attending physician continues to assess the patient daily and collaborates with the CCTC team to provide the best possible care. For example, the attending physician may be a surgeon who will take the patient for an operation. While the surgeon will continue to follow any problems related to the surgery, the CCTC team provides 24 hour per day care that compliments the surgical plan. Other medical specialists may also be involved in the care of CCTC patients.








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