What will it be like to visit?

You may find it very upsetting the first time you visit your family member in the CCTC. The patient may be connected to a number of different pieces of equipment that are either helping the team to monitor the patient's condtion or supporting the patients body functions.

Ventilator PatientThe patient may be connected to a breathing machine (ventilator) and be unable to speak to you. They may be unconscious or asleep
from medications used to keep them comfortable. Their face and body may be swollen and their skin may feel very hot or cold. The experience can be very frightening.

It is not unusual to feel overwhelmed when you first visit. Take your time and move at your own pace. Let the nurse at the bedside know how you are feeling. The nurse can explain the equipment and help you to understand what your are seeing. The nurse can also show you how you can comfort your family member.

One way to feel more comfortable is to understand why the different equipment is used and what it does. The nurses can explain the equipment and treatment plans. The pictures on this page show some of the equipment that you may see at the bedside.


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