Visiting the Critical Care Trauma Centre (CCTC)



During a critical illness, patients are often very ill and may be unconscious. Visiting may be restricted to those individuals deemed to have a close relationship with the patient.  These individuals are determined by the patient or in consultation with the patient's substitute decision-makers.

If you are uncertain whether you should visit the patient while in the critical care unit, please speak to a member of the patient's immediate family.

To protect the privacy and safety of your family member and other patients in CCTC, we ask that all visitors check with the unit clerk, volunteer or nurse before EACH visit.

There is a unit clerk available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The unit clerk can be found at the reception desk at the entrance to the CCTC. If the unit clerk is not at the front desk when you arrive to visit, please use the telephone that is located beside the reception desk to call into the unit. 

The first time you visit, a nurse will give you an information booklet and a card with the telephone number to the CCTC. The nurse will also provide the telephone extension to the patient's bedside. You may call this number directly when you wish to visit.

Immediate family members may call and speak directly to the nurse at the bedside to obtain an update regarding the patient's condition. A nurse is available 24 hours per day.

Family members who call in may be asked questions that will help the nurse to confirm that they are speaking to someone who is approved to have access to a patient's health information. 

We ask that other friends and family contact the patient's substitute decision maker for medical updates.


Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene is important, please ensure you clean your hand before and after each visit. Waterless handcleaner is available throughout the unit. Rub this product vigorously into the hands. It is better at killing germs than handwashing with soap and water.

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