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What's Wrong   

I am having problems with myself

  • I do things on impulse and then regret them later.
  • I feel tired all the time.
  • I have problems sleeping.
  • I don’t like myself.
  • I feel like a failure.
  • I worry all the time.
  • I’m always tense and on edge.
  • Sometimes anxiety hits me out of nowhere.
  • I have to do things over and over again (wash hands, check I’ve locked the door, counting).
  • I get upset if things aren’t clean or in proper order.
  • I cut/burn/scratch/hit myself.
  • Sometimes I think if I went to bed and never woke up, it wouldn’t be so bad.
  • Sometimes I think about killing myself.
  • I don’t feel safe.

Do any of these sound like you?

We can help

Learn more about mood and anxiety problems

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