Patient Updates and Password System

The best source of information is often the bedside nurse caring for the patient. However, all members of the team who are caring for the patient are updated daily during "rounds" and can help you stay informed. If you wish to meet with the ICU doctor, the nurse or social worker can can arrange a time when the doctor can speak with you.

Detailed information about a patient’s health will only be released to immediate family members or next-of-kin in order to protect your family member’s privacy.

It may be helpful for you to choose a family spokesperson who can write down new information and pass it on to other family and friends. This will help keep everyone ‘on the same page’ and allow staff to focus on caring for the patient.

What Are Rounds?

Rounds allow the whole health care team to discuss and develop a plan of care for the patient. There are two rounds every day. The morning round starts at 8:30 a.m. and is longer and more detailed than the afternoon round.

Morning rounds last anywhere between one and three hours. The team meets in the conference room, and each patient’s situation is discussed. After morning rounds the health care team will likely have a detailed update about the patient’s condition.

Afternoon rounds begin around 3:30 pm and are held at the bedside.

What is the password system?

In order to protect patients’ personal health information, we have now implemented a “password” system when requesting patient information, either by phone or when visiting. To avoid sharing information with people who it should not be accessible to, we are asking the patient or substitute decision maker to create a password that must be stated when calling the unit for information. In the case of larger families, we ask that one family member be appointed that spokesperson to call the unit for updates and then inform the rest of the family.

This password is not meant to be used as a deterrent to visiting patients. It is not required to visit a patient, however it will be required at the bed side if information is requested. As this is a new initiative for our unit, we would appreciate feedback to your care provider so we can make changes to best serve our patients and their families. We appreciate your cooperation and thank you for helping us protect patient personal health information.

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