Bob Lorentz

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My brother, Bob, is the youngest of eight children in our family. He has always been a happy, easy-going and very unselfish person. After I was diagnosed with polycystic kidneys in April, 1998, he offered me one of his kidneys. He said I would have done the same for him if he were in my position. He wanted me to be comfortable and enjoy life. Our family has always been a very close and loving family. Also, Bob had a friend who had given a kidney to his brother and he saw that his friend was healthy and was living a normal life. Bob was not afraid to donate his kidney.
My brother had only been to the hospital once in his life - the day he was born. He was very healthy. Antibiotics were even foreign to his body so I knew that I was especially lucky to be given a kidney from him. He began blood tests etc. at London Health Sciences Centre. He and his wife, Carole Ann, also met with a few members of the Nephrology team to discuss what would happen before, during and after the operation. It was very important that Carole Ann was supportive of Bob and this procedure.

On November 29, 2000, Bob’s kidney was transplanted into my body. He said the first night was the worst. He was given morphine for the pain. The second day he walked down to see me. Each day he progressively felt better. On the fifth day he went home. Bob took time off work to heal. He says that he has never had any complications from the operation and feels strong and healthy.

My friend and next-door neighbor sewed the quilt patch representing my brother.
The box with a bow sitting on the kidney shape signifies the precious gift.
The fish represents his strong spiritual faith.
The couple portrays the strength of spousal support given by his wife.
His love for farming is represented by the tractor.
The hockey sticks show Bob’s love for sports, especially hockey.
And the musical notes emphasize his love of singing and of music.
With the kidney transplant, my brother has given me “New Life’’

Thank You, My Brother & Very Dear Friend
Sandra O'Hagan

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