Megan Lindsey Powell

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The day had finally arrived. I got those three special words “you are pregnant”. We were so excited and I knew that I was going to give birth to a baby girl. We had decided very early in my pregnancy that we would call her Megan. I had liked that name the first time I heard it. Megan was born in the Spring but it wasn’t a very nice day. It was snowing when we drove to the hospital very early in the morning. She was born at 4:38 that afternoon; it was a stressful day for all three of us. Megan was a very good baby sleeping through the night at 6 weeks, and all through her early years, she was a joy always wanting to help with whatever we were doing. She liked to bake cookies and cakes for her daddy to try. She loved playing outside with the children in the neighborhood every chance she got. In Kindergarten we learned that Megan had dyslexia. She enjoyed looking at books but had a bit of trouble with certain words. By Grade 3 she had a breakthrough with her reading, but her writing was hard to understand. Only she could decipher what she wrote. But, that didn’t stop Megan from enjoying going to school. She loved the interaction with the other kids. Megan enjoyed nature; she especially loved ‘butterflies’. I remember when she and I were looking at a caterpillar and her remark to me was “this ugly worm thing turns into such a beautiful flying bug”. She would sit and watch them fly from flower to flower. We even made a game of trying to catch them.

She enjoyed making presents for people in her family. She made wreaths for her aunts using dried flowers, ribbons and hot gluing them to grapevine wreaths. Mine is still hanging in my front hallway. Megan was very clever with her hands.

One hot summer day in August, we were watching some TV and an advertisement came on regarding organ donation. We all sat and watched it and Megan turned to me and said, “Mom, I would like to do that if anything ever happens to me.” I really wasn’t surprised. That was Megan, always trying to help others. I made a mental note. Little did I know I would recall that day later. Megan was a typical teenager. She sometimes had a problem meeting curfew. She loved to talk on the phone with friends. She enjoyed listening to music. She really enjoyed shopping for clothes or just about anything. She was a girl who would take the time to listen to anybody who had a problem. She also had a smile that lit up her whole face. She just beamed.

Just before Christmas, Megan was asked if she would like to go Christmas shopping. It was a Friday night and the weather wasn’t the nicest out. She had asked if she could go out with her friend, Blair, and we talked about the weather. Well, we got a phone call at about 9:30 p.m. to come to the hospital; the kids had gotten into a car accident. Blair was killed instantly but Megan was in surgery. We sat in the hospital waiting for the doctor to come and speak with us. In my heart I wanted everything to be all right, but I knew this was a very serious accident and I needed to come to grips with that. It was 3:00 a.m. and a couple of young doctors knocked on the door waking my son. They had come to talk to us. They kind of beat around the bush and I finally said, “Are you asking us if we would be willing to donate Megan’s organs?” They replied with relief, “yes”. I had remembered that hot day in August and said Megan wanted to do just that. That was Megan’s gift to so many families that Christmas.

The quilting block – the appliquéd Butterfly – was sewn by Leslie Gemmell, Megan’s Aunt.

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