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Gilbert, often called Emile, and I met on April 13th, 1958 when Tibby, Merle, four of our friends and I decided to go smelt fishing in Britt. We girls were driving around, when we noticed a car full of boys had stopped, we did too. Gilbert was laughing at something and I thought to myself “that’s the guy for me”. We started dating and quickly fell in love, we married on June 20th, 1959. Gilbert lived for the moment. If he had an idea like buying a snow machine, a cottage or a plane, or taking flying lessons, he did it. He was instrumental in getting the local snow mobile club started, served as Vice-President, mapped and cleared trails, and contacted many of the property owners for permission to use their land. For this dedication to the club and with donations made in his memory, a bridge will be dedicated in his name. I always teased him and said I could have Elvis’ song “I Did It My Way” played at his funeral. I miss Gilbert more every day. We had 8 children, 3 girls and 5 boys. Our second born, Susan, died at 8 weeks of SIDS.

Anna says Dad’s proudest achievement was his family. Wasn’t until I was much older that I realized Dad had just as much fun watching us play with the toys as he did playing with them. Dave says Emile could find humour in just about any situation. I love him for showing me that lighter side of life. Dan says Grandpa could fix anything I broke and still have a smile on his face. Tracy says “Hey Gramps” you always considered teasing a term of endearment for your favourite oldest granddaughter.

Cheryl says Dad sure loved his toys. He sold snow machines and motor bikes therefore we got to play with them. And he fixed things when trees jumped out in front of us. Norm says he was more a friend than a father-in-law and finally helped me build a sauna. Karyne says Grandpa was always full of fun and joy, looking for excitement anytime. Renee-Claude says Grandpa gave huggies and held on tight. He would play in the water with us, really enjoyed splashing everybody, he’d take us for rides on his toys and encourage us to drive them. He made people laugh so hard, they would cry. And he took us camping at his bush camp.

Phil says Dad was a man who did things his way. He followed his dreams, and when he wanted something, like a new toy, he found a way to get it, even if it was a birthday present for Mom. He was the biggest kid in the world. He would help anyone anytime. Phil describes Dad as: a genius, interesting, loveable, big kid, dependable, resourceful, and terrific.

Dave says Dad was always there for me as a kid. When I needed to fix my bike or snow machine, he told me how to do it, and he would help if I needed it. That’s where I got my experience in mechanics. Davie says Grandpa was always fun to be with and he loved playing cards. I spent a summer with Grandpa helping him work and wouldn’t have had it any other way. Mel says Grandpa was the best Grandpa in the world. He was caring and let us do just about anything we wanted unless it would hurt us in some way, he really encouraged the girls to take the toys for a drive.

Marty and Shelley say Dad was always there to help anyone who needed a hand. Jen says Grandpa was a great swim partner who loved to have fun in the lake with us. Sarah says Grandpa was always there for people, and told us jokes to make us laugh.

Jim and Tammy say Dad always had a cheerful smile, a funny joke to tell, helping hands and big warm loving heart.

Paul says Dad was always there if I had a problem and he found a way to help me. Lori says she really enjoyed the short time she had with him. Zachary says Grandpa was there when I was born and I wish I could have gotten to know him.

Brother Dan, and sisters Huguette, Marie, Muriel, Rolly, Ghislaine, and Joanne and their spouses say we miss your smiling face and your generosity. We will always remember your spirit and we miss you. Hope you and Madeline have finally settled that $3 debt.

Tibby met Eddy the same day I met Gilbert. They say Gilbert was our chief carpenter when we built our cottage. Eddy argued with Gilbert that a half inch didn’t matter when squaring a building but Gilbert said wait until you put the flooring down. They call the camp “HALF INCH”.

Merle and Clyde say we all loved our favourite twin brother-in-law. We loved his birthday corn roasts, and we miss him. Gilbert was a favourite amongst a large extended family.

All of our friends say they miss him, and his hunting buddies miss his humour. Somebody would ask what are we going to do now, when just relaxing over a drink, Gilbert’s reply was “What’s wrong with what we’re doing now?”

These are just some of the reasons why we donated Gilbert’s organs.

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