Lynda Marie Victoria Mahar

Age 37

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Born in London, Ontario on January 21, 1966, Lynda was the youngest of six children born to Robert and Sally Mahar, both from Charlottetown, PEI. Lynda enthusiastically embraced the role of the only girl in the family. A rich sense of humour and a penchant for practical jokes visited upon her four older brothers were among her many endearing characteristics.
Her early years were filled with family and friends. She was gregarious, creative and beautiful. Forever present with her parents at gatherings as a child, she became the darling of the older London social scene. She attended elementary school on Valetta Street in London and then attended both Oakridge Secondary School and Catholic Central High School before moving on to Fanshawe College.

She was an ardent supporter of community events, particularly those associated with the family parish – St. Pius X in Oakridge Acres across the street from the family home on Valetta Street. She had a particular affinity and talent for working with children and spent much of her time engaged in activities with young people at the church and school.

A gifted artisan she personally crafted presents for her family and friends at Christmastime and other holidays, and the homes of her brothers are filled with cross-stitch and other tributes to the family.

Although she held various administrative jobs in and around London, the centre of her universe was her family. Close to both her Mother and Father, she became known for her acts of kindness and support to others – a virtue she demonstrated with great generosity at the end of her life in her final selfless act of giving.

She is deeply loved and sorely missed by her family and all who knew her.

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