A Dedication to Bryan Piet

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Bryan died at the end of his life! Little did I know, when my friend said this, the impact it would have on me. It has allowed me to accept Bryan’s death with grace and peace (most of the time) and brought me to the realization of the impact of his life – albeit only 15 years long.
“Go Deep” – his personal motto came to my attention only months before his death. He had a grade 9 project – to make a personal shield. What a wonderful concept!!

On it, one of the things he included was “Go Deep”. He explained to me that it meant to always do your best and when the going gets tough, dig down deep inside yourself and find what it takes. Advice, I, as his mother has treasured and used over and over to try and understand my loss.

I was so proud of my young and wise son. He accomplished more in 15 years and had more positive influence on people of all ages than ever I knew. Most came to light in his friends’ and acquaintances’ stories after his death.

His three sisters, Christina, Angela, and Alicia and I miss him so very much. Fortunately, he lives in our hearts and therefore is always present. What a gift!

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