Robbie Sheehan

“Unforgettable – Free Spirit”

Donor Picture

Simply said, Robbie had a passion for people. He would always give to those who needed. His friends always said that he gave them something, whether it was hope, money, advice or the shirt off his back. He always gave something, even when it seemed that he had nothing to give. And so it seems fitting that even in death he continues to give to those who need, and that would please him.
Some of the things that defined Robbie were: music, he played guitar and had great moves when he danced; poetry, which he loved to write; nature, the love of the outdoors, fishing, animals. He was always on an adventure. His ashes now travel the world for him.

The frog in the picture is a tattoo that he shared with his friends. It is a symbol for happiness. The border we chose represents heaven and earth – nature. Feathers have come into our lives since Robbie left us. Whenever something happens, a feather usually crosses our paths. We feel his presence and enjoy his creativity and timing in getting them to us.

Robbie saw beauty in life and brought out the best in people. His heart was pure gold. Life was about living, giving, and loving. His life was a lesson to everyone he touched. His love still surrounds us. We miss his hugs.

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