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My mom, Giuseppina, was a very warm and caring person. Being of the generation that experienced World War II, she knew how to make do when little was available and she knew to be thankful and not to be wasteful when things were plentiful.
Since she was an immigrant from Italy, she retained much of her Italian heritage in her daily life. Life revolved around home cooking, immaculate housekeeping, speaking Italian, creating braided rugs and making sure her daughter and husband were happy.

My mom loved to garden and spent many hours weeding and tending to her tomatoes which she lovingly canned in the fall each year – as skill that I learned from her that I now carry on. She loved to sew and embroider – two skills that I did not embrace. However, my fondest memories of her are when we would sit and knit together. We would chat about anything and everything. We would do this for hours, especially after my father passed away. I think knitting and chatting was great therapy for both of us.

My mother loved kids and would indulge her granddaughter in baking cookies, cakes, and pies. One of her granddaughter’s favorite memories is the annual coloring of the Easter eggs and helping crush grapes in the month of September in preparation for making homemade wine.

My mom gently instilled the message that people should take care of the earth because it supports our lives. She also instilled the message to look to something outside this earth, to have faith when situations seem out of our control and to know that there is something more than life on this earth.

Because my mom was a very sharing person who gave easily of herself what she could – whether it was time spent with an ill person or helping out the less fortunate – our family believed she would have welcomed being an organ donor.

Thank you mom for everything you have given to and shared with your family and others in life as well as in death. Until we meet again…take care, we love you and miss you dearly.

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