Marcel Raynaldo Larocque

Age 54

Donor Picture

When approached about organ donation I was unsure what to do, as we had never discussed this situation. One of his brothers helped me make the decision when he asked me to think of what Marcel did in life. The answer then became easy, in life Marcel gave. So what better way for Marcel to continue giving than to give life to someone in his death.
I am very pleased with the opportunity to contribute to the donor quilt in honour of my late husband, father and step dad. Marcel was a “jack-of-all-trades”, millwright by profession, but he was the guy you called when you needed something fixed. He was always ready and willing to give a hand to anyone who asked. His hobbies were woodworking, crafting furniture, welding, and he enjoyed playing hockey with some of his fellow workers. His biggest pleasure showed in the remodelling of his home. Lots of labour and love was put into such a big project.

He enjoyed our family gatherings, especially when we went to his hometown. His idea of a vacation was to visit his brothers and help out with fixing machinery on their farms. Marcel was very easy going, accepted things as they came and gave advice to his kids when he felt they needed a guiding hand. He is dearly loved and missed.

I can only think that this is a wonderful way for all of us to remember him and his giving ways. Attached to the patch is a piece of his favourite shirt, always in flannel and plaid and the skate represents one of his enjoyed pastimes.

Love, Cathy Ives-Larocque and Family.

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