Dave Laudenbach


Donor Picture

I see Dave in winds tugging on kites,
the clear-sharp line of a sail cutting the horizon,
the jeweled colour of wild bloom, a gift to those who know how to notice.
I see him in the solid dark shape of a man walking with purpose,
a father giving the gift of time to his child,
an aching in the heart calling for company.
I see Dave in your strength,
The will and joy in his children,
The quiet pool of my heart.

(Author: Kathy Tallon, Dave’s sister-in-law)

The invitation to contribute to the donor quilt was accepted by Lori as a meaningful way to acknowledge the 10th anniversary of her husband’s death and subsequent gift of life. Dave’s children, Adam and Teresa, created the quilt patch in memory of their father, by painting a scene on an old T-shirt of their Dad’s, of a place where warm memories of him strengthen and sustain us. He is loved, and deeply missed.

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