Jim Visser

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In donating his organs at death, Jim Visser continued the pattern of his life. Jim was a man who acted upon his faith convictions and gave of himself to others. He spent 20 years of his life ministering to those in need of spiritual direction, and also tending to the challenges of their every day lives. He was known as a humble man, ready to listen, ready to pray with and for those who asked, ready to provide food to the hungry and comfort and wisdom to the distressed. Jim began his working life by fulfilling his dream of becoming a dairy farmer. He milked 40 cows and worked 150 acres. He was unable to continue that pursuit when, at the age of 37 years, he underwent a serious back operation. Instead, he returned to school, adding high school and college diplomas to the few years of education he had received in the Netherlands. Jim felt that God was asking him for a special kind of service and he committed himself to the work of evangelism and missions. Jim worked in the communities of Yucatan, Mexico; Vanastra in southwestern Ontario; and Esparza, Costa Rica. In all of these communities, one attribute remained true. Jim, as a man of faith, lived out his faith by giving to others. His life was defined by what he gave to others rather than by what he gained for himself. Jim, in his seventieth year, remained robust, walking every day, gardening, eating apples, leading bible studies, singing in a men’s choir and serving on church committees. His last full day on earth was spent worshipping in his community church, making plans for a vacation with his wife and chatting with his eldest son. His faith and his desire to give to others, the things that had shaped his life, were the things that closed his life. The bleed at the base of his brain, which quickly caused neurological death, was a shock to his family, but, his faith allowed him to meet death without fear. His brain death took him away from his family, but provided three needy persons with his final gifts to others; those of his lungs, kidneys and liver. It is a comfort to know that parts of his physical body continue to help others and to testify to a life spent bringing the gifts of God to those in need.

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