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Everyone was deeply saddened by the death of Tracy following an automobile accident in late January. She was returning, with friends, from a skiing outing to mark the end of exams. This poem reflects on the impact Tracy left on her friends and fellow classmates.
Tracy was a daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece and cousin.
Never forgotten. Always loved.

Not one so friendly, so helpful and caring,
So intelligent and so habitually sharing.
Not one so loved.
I miss her deeply.
A better friend could not be had,
She was always there, and with such pleasure!
To Tracy, making us laugh and making us smile
was a treasure so worthwhile.
Our happiness was of importance.
Hence provisions of comfort and cheer
came with her presence.

A helping hand was always offered.
“I don’t understand, Tracy, may I talk to you.”
Tracy put forth effort trying
to solve these problems,
With no ‘Thank-you’ owed or due.
These tasks were always taken on,
with only thoughts of you.
Such care and consideration could be found
in no other.

Intelligence, with Tracy, was a shared gift.
Good marks appeared to come with ease and simplicity.
Trying to get higher marks than her became a
lost cause for me,
And borrowing Tracy’s notes became
an ‘upgrading’ desire.
Her willingness and hard work never ceased.

Not one is so loved and missed as she.
Tracy touched so many.
There are a multitude of memories we all take in
with fond affection, admiration, and amiability.

Simple memories...
Sitting at our lockers talking, studying,
Laughing at corny jokes,
Talking about “the greatest sport”, hockey.

But my favourite memory of all:
Seeing Tracy smile. A big grin,
While her nose wrinkled up. Such a cute
C’est dinque, non? Chacun à son goût!

I love this smile
And I shall keep it in my memory forever.

This everlasting smile, belonging to such a terrific person.
This is how we shall all remember Tracy.

Tracy’s joy remains, with us all, in our precious
memories, and these shall never pass.
Like a star in the sky, Tracy shines down on us,
guiding us, making us stronger, more brave.
Tracy is unfadingly with us.

Happy, cheerful, joyful.
Those special moments she added so
tenderly to our lives.
Moments of joy, moments of laughter,
these moments will stay with her forever.

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