Dave Routliffe

Donor PictureOur son David was born April 4, 1978 weighing 9 lbs 11 oz; ready to face the world. He was a happy baby. He started to walk at 8 months; in a hurry to do or try anything. Learning downhill skiing at four years of age, Dave went on to race slalom and downhill, which he was very good at.

From the age of about five, Dave would go fishing with his Dad and later on with his younger brother Donny. Not afraid of anything, Dave would always sleep in his own little tent.

Once a little older, about the age of eight, Dave would spend a lot of his summer days on his aunt’s and uncle’s farm, driving tractors and helping with the cows and haying.

Every summer, on our holidays, our family would go to our cottage in Quebec. Dave would make us laugh all the way there and back; he loved it there! Dave would catch frogs, water ski, ride his dirt bike and help his grandparents when needed.

The year before he died, Dave had bought himself a nice snow machine. He was very proud when he came home to show us.

Dave was impatiently waiting for his sister Colleen to have her baby; he had told everyone before we even had a chance to announce the news that she was pregnant. His niece Brittany was born twenty days after his death.

Dave’s many friends told us that the party hadn’t started until he got there; Dave loved to party!

We miss his smile, the glint in his eyes and everything about him. He was a very nice person and therefore would approve of the decision we had to make.

We love and miss him so much; every day is a struggle...

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