Carole Anne Hohenadel

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Carole Anne Hohenadel began her performing career on the family farm at the age of four by dancing in front of the television. Upon hearing her first applause, she was hooked. By thirteen she began stage work with a theatre group in Harriston. After a formal education studying music theatre at Sheridan College, she worked on the stage throughout Ontario. Her musical training spanned eighteen years with fourteen of those devoted to classical voice.
The recession of the early nineties detoured her into a three-year stint as a dental assistant during which she didn’t sing a note. When asked, “If you could not fail, what would you do?”, Carole replied “Produce an album of original music.”

And that is what she did. In addition to two studio albums, Carole performed both vocally and with the Celtic Harp. It was her favourite instrument. In 1996 and 1997, she toured Ireland both as a performer and student of Celtic culture.

Carole was in the midst of a third album when she passed away, and her family completed it in her memory.

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