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Dear Sir:
I am writing to you on this occasion, because I feel compelled to admit that I have been secretly observing and learning from you over the past 34 years. I hope that my admission does not disturb you. I know many others who would agree with my findings, and concur that you were an extremely admirable specimen to study.
Let me elaborate on what I mean by that:
I noticed early on that you were very special. The way you laughed, the way you smiled, and the way you made every good situation great, and every bad situation seem more than bearable. You were a natural leader, the life of the party, and someone who knew how to make the best out of any situation.

Over the years, you established many loyal friends and many more admirers. People always knew that you would lend an ear for those who needed to be heard, a hand for those who needed a lift, or an hour for those who just wanted your time. Much like the loyalties that people had for you, you were also extremely loyal to all of those who cared for you. You often amazed me at your ability to always find good in a person, and inherently give people the benefit of the doubt.

In the last four years, is where I learned the most. The true meaning of bravery, sacrifice and a positive attitude are only a few things I observed. You quietly fought a battle, with an opponent that would scare off even the strongest of individuals. Even when you were hurting, you persevered day by day, and were able to create an air about you, if anything, you spent more time helping others than worrying about yourself. Looking back now, nobody to this day, but you, knows the sacrifices that you made. Your commitment to the cause and the dream will not be exceeded. You fought the fight that many others could and will only hope that they can fight.

In closing, I would first like to thank you with every ounce of gratitude for teaching me everything that you have. I apologize for not admitting my compulsion to study you earlier. Please seek comfort in knowing that you have taught myself and others what the true meaning of life is. I sincerely regret that I did not get this letter to you before you had to go.

I know that I will see you again Matt “PIG” Mailing. Until then…with the highest of regards,
Your brother, and number one admirer,
Paul Andrew Mailing

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