Hans Bock

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Hans. It’s a German name meaning a Gift from God. Hans truly was a gift to our family. He was a good friend to us. If he was needed, he was there. We never had to ask twice. That was Hans. He would go out of his way to help us. It didn’t matter if he had just finished a long shift at work, if we had gotten stranded miles away, or even if there was a snowstorm wiping out any visibility on the roads – he could come to help. We could count on him. And most importantly, he did it because he cared.
Hans happily used his pick-up truck to help many of us. He had so much confidence in his truck. A few years ago he helped us take apart our big old red barn. He was SURE his truck could pull it over – we had a great laugh to see the back end of his truck get lifted right off the ground and spring back – and the barn didn’t budge! He had to try it again. It was the only time I ever saw Hans give up at anything…a few days later I was glad to let him know our neighbor had tried to pull the barn down and even his huge tractor could not budge it.

When we entered a fishing derby…what a fishing trip! It rained…we caught almost nothing…and the whole time Hans kept optimistic and cheerful as he always was. There was little he liked to do more than to sit around a campfire or in a boat fishing and that is why we chose this patch.

Yes, Hans truly was a gift to our family. A gift that we will continue to treasure as we hold tight to the memories we have of him – the memories of a truly selfless soul – rich in kindness and caring. We pray he knows how much he was loved.

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