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We are so glad to share our precious memories of our son and brother Joel, and to recognize the importance of organ donation through this quilt. Joel was only 16 when he died, but he was already a “wise old soul.” His friends remember him for his quirky sense of humour, his kindness and compassion, and his love of snowboarding, hockey, tennis, badminton, and wakeboarding. Not many knew of his passion for writing, for he wrote largely in private. His writing was both a means of expression and a way of trying to understand the essential issues of life. When he lost his cousin and close friend, Mathew Stevenson, he turned to his pen and journals, as he struggled to deal with loss. His poems and thoughts seem to foreshadow his own death, and they have been a comfort and guide for us. In his memory, we share one of his poems.




The sun just kisses the horizon,
Spreading light across the land.
But the light is fading.
Deep, long shadows fall upon me.
The twilight breeze stirs a golden
Leaf to rest before me.
I ponder nature’s beauty
In all its imperfection.
And though without God’s sun,
It is so terribly lonely and dark,
I know I will wake to see the sun’s beautiful light
Spread its beauty across the land once again.
Death is like a sunset,
For somewhere else, the sun must be rising.

Though organ donation was a very hard process for us, we are certain that it was what he would have wanted. His sun has set, but through organ donation, and our attempt to reflect his spirit of generosity and compassion, his sun has risen somewhere else.
Joel Robert Miller, forever loved and remembered by parents Ann and Rob, brothers Jordan and Zack, family and friends.

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