Susan Epple

Donor Picture

In our mind’s eye, we still can see her walking by, with a beautiful smile and a cheerful wave. Softly, she passed through our lives, quietly pursuing her ongoing projects, many of which were undertaken for the benefit of those she held dear.
Trailing about her sometimes was the hint of Obsession, her favourite fragrance, exotic and enlivening.

Susan could slip instantly into that still, inner place where she might read an entire novel in an afternoon. She easily mastered the creative intricacies of drawing, painting, knitting, sewing, crafting, computers, gardening, baking, cooking, or running a business. Industrious and intelligent, she was blessed with busy hands as well as infinite patience for sharing her skills, teaching children, and interacting with her beloved little dogs. She enjoyed the strategy of a good game of euchre, cribbage, crokinole, or whatever. Gracious in either victory or defeat, her gamesmanship was characterized by good humour and inclusion, as there was always room for another to join in.

She relished sipping a mug of coffee while enjoying the sun on the deck at the cottage, or riding in the boat on Long Point Bay, with the wind on her face. Before July had passed, she inevitably turned a sultry brown.

For her family, she was the sounding board, the person to consult, the one to turn to, the arbiter of good taste, colour coordination, and sensible decisions. Her being was rooted in tranquility, kindness, consistency, and loyalty.

Too suddenly, Susan left us, and the landscape of our world was turned upside down.

But, if we are attentive, we can listen for the melody of her laughter in the air, and feel her brushing by our shoulders, gentle as a summer breeze.

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