Amy Rounding

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Amy Rounding was an amazing person. At 22, she had more wisdom and strength than many much older than she was.

She was a full-time student, with a GPA to be proud of in the Police Foundations program at St. Clair College in Windsor, Ontario. Her hope was to go on to university and get a degree in Criminology. The tactical unit and investigations peaked her interest immensely. She did some of her volunteer hours with the Windsor Police Tactical Unit, a position she hoped to achieve some day.

Amy worked full time midnights at the local Wal-Mart, stocking shelves to help pay for her tuition through school. Even with a jam-packed schedule, she made time for her friends of all ages, family, often visiting her elderly grandmother in the rest home and for laughing. She loved a good joke.

Perhaps one thing we miss about Amy is her laugh, a wonderful, deep, contagious belly laugh. When she laughed, you couldn’t help laughing along with her, even if she was laughing at you. Her inner beauty radiated from the wide grin, and lit up any room she was in. She lit up our spirits and our lives. She was a wonderful daughter, sister, niece, cousin, granddaughter, woman and friend.

Amy loved things many young people her age would not think about. She loved the Beach Boys, whom she got to meet, a highlight for her. She loved Red Green, the Blues Brothers, her cow collection, which included clothes, nick knacks, stuffed toys, and her Shelley china collection. Even though she had to budget every cent, she always made sure to donate to the Humane Society because of her great love of animals.

Working hard one day to become a police officer, ironically she was killed by an impaired driver, high on alcohol and drugs. Amy was stolen from us, far too young, before her dreams could be achieved. Our hopes and dreams for her and the future also died with her that day.

The quilt square consists of some of her own articles of clothing that represent her personality and important memories of her. The picture shows her ever-present smile and twinkle in her eyes.

Through the organ donation program, which Amy supported, even in her death, her dreams can now become new dreams for the recipients. She managed to give life, love and hope to others.

Amy truly was a hero. Our hero! We miss her dearly.

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