Tom Stewart

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Tom Stewart was ‘An Amazing Man’ but we know this because he was our father and husband.

We learned through his death how people respected and admired him. They spoke of his tremendous drive and ambition, his unique gift for dealing with people and his great sense of humour.

Tom was involved with the London Transplant Gift of Life Association for about 18 months and he certainly made a difference. He worked with the religious communities and encouraged their support in creating a greater awareness of the urgent need of donors.

He made the decision to be an organ and tissue donor but due to the cancer that took his life, only his corneas could be used. We hope the person or persons who benefited from this gift also has the ability to see the world as Tom did – as a place of wonder, whether it was watching his children or grandchildren grow, viewing the Rockies or enjoying a bright, sunny day. He sang “Sunshine on My Shoulders” more than John Denver did!

What made Tom Stewart ‘An Amazing Man’ is his legacy – his family. His nine-year-old granddaughter wrote this poem and she sums it up for all of us:

He was a man
A piece of art
He may not be visible
But he is in the heart.
~His Family~

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