Serena Rose Dunham

Donor Picture

Serena was the most amazing little girl. She was always smiling, happy, and so full of life. She brought such joy into all of our lives the moment she was born, and our lives have been devastated by her loss. Serena truly looked like an angel with her golden blond hair, big blue eyes, and rosy chubby cheeks. Serena was and always will be “mommy’s little angel”, “daddy’s powder puff”, and big brother Austin’s “baby girl” and best friend. Serena loved wagon rides, picking flowers and rose petals, rocking in her high chair, and playing peek-a-boo. Austin’s fondest memories of his baby sister include: when Serena would tickle his toes under the kitchen table, and when she would try to take his food, run away and laugh. Austin misses Serena terribly!

Serena died from a brain aneurysm at 15½ months but did more in her short and meaningful life, than most of us do in a lifetime. Serena lives on in our hearts and in our minds, and her legacy lives on in the three lives she saved by being an organ donor. Through this she lives on and has touched so many people’s lives and I am so proud of her as we all are. We love and miss you immensely, my sweet angel!

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