Karyn Spira

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Karyn Amanda Spira had a huge impact on all of our lives throughout her 18 years with us. Her infectious personality and caring nature will always be remembered. She will be dearly missed and forever loved.
Karyn was a very unique individual who had many traits that were loved by everyone. Her welcoming blue eyes matched her personality perfectly. Even if you had just met her, she would go out of her way to make sure that she got to know you and make you feel like you had known her your whole life.

Karyn was also very athletic having played hockey most of her life. When she entered high school, she became even more involved with athletics as she was a cherished member of the high school hockey team. She was never afraid to try new tings and this was never more evident than when her best friend, Kristen, asked her to join the school curling team with her. Despite having little-to-no knowledge or experience with the sport, she was more than willing to try it. She tried her hardest to learn the sport and to give it everything she had at each and every practice and game.

Along with Karyn’s athletic accomplishments, she was also a very gifted artist. Her love for art started at a very young age. In high school, she took numerous art courses and was always near the top of her class with numerous entries being displayed in the various art shows that the school put on. Today, much of Karyn’s artwork is being proudly displayed in her family’s home and will serve as a timeless reminder of her artistic talents.

No matter what she was faced with, Karyn was fearless. Born with a clubfoot, her first years were filled with numerous operations and casts. However, her determination and willpower to overcome the many challenges she faced helped to define Karyn as an individual. She wasn’t afraid to try a new sport, meet new people, and she certainly wasn’t afraid to help somebody out when they needed a hand, or when they just needed someone to be there for them. After Karyn passed away, it was discovered that she wished to donate her organs. This reinforced the type of person that Karyn was. She was willing to give a part of herself so that someone else may live a full and happy life.

It is for this gift of organ donation, and the many memories that she has given each of us, that allow us to know that she will always be remembered and what a fantastic young woman she really was.

We love you Karyn.

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