Christopher William Seguin

Born April 8th, 1975

Donor Picture

Chris is the father of twins, Alyssa and Tyler, who were only four years old when he died. He was a very patriotic member of the Windsor Regiment Army Reserves for the better part of nine years. Chris worked for Ford Motor Company at the Nemak Essex Aluminum Plant, a job he enjoyed very much. He was an enthusiastic Jeep fan and a member of the Border City Jeep Club. Chris would go off-roading as often as he could and was in the process of restoring his Jeep because of too many fun-filled mishaps with his toy.
Chris was a computer whiz who would take old units apart and build new computers from the old parts and there were always four or five computers lying around his house. Camping was another activity he enjoyed with his friends and family whenever he had the opportunity. One family event that he would not miss was our annual “Winterfest” weekend, which was held every year just north of Toronto. Everyone in our large family would get a shirt at this event for our annual family photo and this red cloth is a piece of his “Winterfest” shirt.

Chris is deeply missed by everyone that knew and loved him. He believed in organ donation and expressed his wish to be a donor in the event of his untimely death. One benefit we the family can honestly say about organ donation is that in spite of our loss, we have the satisfaction of knowing that others have been helped and can continue living a better life. The fact that Chris helped so many people and families hold on to their loved ones is comforting to us and has helped us cope with the tragedy of losing our loved one.

We really hope that by participating in this quilt program, that at least one person somewhere will understand the need to donate organs and also help to support Organ Donation Programs locally and nationally in the future.

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