Patrick David Magee

MADD Canada Victims’ Tributes
Wingham, Ontario
Age: 17
Date of Crash: Summer of 1994 Donor Picture

The drunk driver was traveling west on Highway 86 in the wrong lane. He was passing four vehicles on a hill. He crashed head on with the Porsche, drive by a Wingham Chiropractor, who was severely injured. Another passenger, 16, was killed instantly. Patrick was airlifted to University Hospital in London with severe head injuries. We gave permission to remove him from life support back in 1994.
When Patrick received his driver’s licence at the age of sixteen and before he signed it, he turned it over to pledge his donation of his organs if he should die. Little did he know that in only one year we would be faced with the decision to allow his organs to be transplanted or used for research. Patrick was a very protective, caring and sensitive young man who stood up for those who could not defend themselves, no matter what the consequences. His life was short but full and happy. We are so very proud of our son and brother and miss him every day.

The drunk driver who killed these two young, innocent boys was a 32-year-old father of three with a new baby due. He was also killed in the crash.

Patrick – He had so many hopes and dreams and so little time. His two passions were beautiful girls and snow boarding. When a drunk driver killed Patrick, he took many of our hopes and dreams. He left us with a hole in our heart and lives that can never be filled.

We remember our Patrick David – “Forever Young”.
“Dream as though you’ll live forever
Live as though you’ll die tomorrow.”
-James Dean

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