Stephanie Renee Fortier

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Stephanie’s Quilt Patch “Just for You – Stephanie” represents a collage of photos representing some important events in her 18 years of life that made Stephanie the wonderful loving young woman she became. The centre photo is a picture of Steph in her Grade 12 Graduation casual photo. Steph loved her silver jewelry and each of her rings had a special meaning to her. Also are pictures of Steph in her red high school graduation gown and cap holding her diploma, two photos of her younger years in Brownies and Girl Guides and a picture of her with her cat ‘Boots’ who she adored and also a picture of her with her dog ‘Missy’ which was given to her by her dad on her 8th birthday. The ‘Gift of Life’ medal was presented to her family one year after she donated her heart. The Blue Rose pin represents the ”Pulmonary Hypertension Society”, the illness that took her life, and the Bereaved Families of Ontario pin represents the organization that helped us cope after the loss of a child.

Stephanie was a vibrant beautiful loving daughter, sister, granddaughter and friend. She greeted everyone with a smile and had a laugh that made others smile. She had a great circle of friends, who continue to keep in touch with us, even though she was in her last year of high school and these young people were all moving on with their lives in different directions. As for Steph, she had already applied for University admission.

Stephanie’s illness of Primary Pulmonary Hypertension was only diagnosed four short months before she passed away after being put out to have her wisdom teeth removed. After the dental surgery, her oxygen levels in her blood were not good and subsequently we were referred to a respiratory specialist, but for some unknown reason the illness escalated so very quickly. Stephanie signed her organ donor consent form without hesitation and “Her Heart ♥ Lives On”.

We miss Stephanie more than words can say. As our oldest daughter, she took on a lot of responsibility. She was always in demand as a teenager for babysitting, and loved children dearly. She also loved cooking, baking, designing on her jeans, and making her own Halloween costumes. Steph loved to party and socialize and like most teenage girls talked on the telephone with her friends. Stephanie was a great ‘morning person’, and I as her mom, will always miss her morning chats at the breakfast table. She showed great inner strength through her illness and continued to show her amazing smile to all even when her breathing became so strained. We will never forget you Steph and you are

Always in our Hearts. Love Mom, Dad, and Lindsay

As being Steph’s little sister I always looked up to her and always wanted to be around her. I remember continually nagging her to bring me along everywhere she went and surprisingly enough she usually did, even though I was three and a half years younger than her. I think that we shared a very special relationship that got stronger with every argument and even stronger through the times we shared. I can still remember the late nights when she would come into my room and wake me out of my sleep to tell me all about her great night out. I miss her very much and I’m sad that she didn’t get to see her little sis grow up and to have as much fun as she did when she was a teenager. Miss you and I wish you were here.

Love Lindsay.

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