Jeannine Gosselin

Three Gold Medals
For Mother
And A Crown of Gold Today Donor Picture

There’s another rose blooming in God’s garden in heaven today.
And it’s our dear loving Mother, whom the angels carried away.
She was greeted by the man who, for 50 years, stood by her side.
He greeted her with open arms and smiled as he welcomed home his bride.
The day Dad left, Mom took it hard; she couldn’t bear the heartfelt pain,
But today we know she’s smiling because she’s in his arms again.
She’ll be remembered always for the love she managed to spread around.
It was an unconditional kind of love that today isn’t so easily found.
She left a legacy of kindness that shall never be forgotten by all.
Her smile brightened up our days, and it was a warm welcome to those who’d call.
She enjoyed her gardening and flowers and taking walks outside in the fresh air,
And when it came to family gatherings she organized them with flair.
Family was of the utmost importance to her, and as a grandmother,
She was a friend to each one, so caring and loving they’ll never forget her.
To her children she was a Mother who performed her role in life so well
She took her position in the home, and left a beautiful legacy for all to tell.
Her last hours with us will be remembered as a trying and heartbreaking time,
And yet the memories she left us will bring a smile and peace to our minds.
God took her home, it was her time, but not before we could experience and see,
The respect and love she held in her heart for her family.
It was a journey she took and we were unable to go with her today.
But when our name is called, we’ll join with both Mom and Dad one day.
Sadly missed but never forgot, is the Mother we hold dear in our hearts.
And she’ll be seen in her children forever because; she graciously fulfilled her Motherly part.
Spreading her love around to the many people she’s meeting up there.
You have no reason to worry or fret Mom isn’t suffering nor is she alone,
Today she’s in heaven with Dad, waiting to welcome each of you home.
Three Gold Medals and a Crown of Gold is so deserving of our Mother today,
Because of what she did for those she loved, and all that she freely gave away.

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