Sharon Alynne Mair (McDonald)

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Sharon was born October 3, 1956 in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario to Ellis and Marjorie McDonald. She was their first-born child and a beautiful tiny little girl, just 5 pounds. She was a delightful baby. Unfortunately, she developed a bowel problem and was referred to the Hospital for Sick Children when she was just 10 months old. They treated her ailment, but gave her streptomycin as an antibiotic. This destroyed the nerves in her ears, causing her to lose her hearing. It also damaged the nerves in her bowel and bladder. Despite all of this, she grew up happy. The family grew with the addition of two brothers and a sister. By 1963 Sharon was accepted into the School For The Deaf in Belleville. Here she was happy because the children were all the same as she was. Sharon did well at school and, despite the fact that she had many bouts with infection, she excelled in her studies and won several awards throughout her school years. She attended College for the Deaf in Gallaudet, Washington for a short while, but later returned to Toronto where she attended George Brown College. She eventually got employment with the Unemployment Insurance Commission of the government and immediately transferred to the Sault Ste Marie office.

Sharon was married, had a little girl, divorced and was engaged to a great guy who was also hearing impaired. She was loved by all her family and all those she met. She was a great advocate for the deaf and attended several conferences to learn how to aid them when they were being interviewed for employment. She was always a bright, happy, friendly person and a joy to her family. She loved music and loved to dance. Her favourite colours were golds and greens and she loved jewellery, especially dangling earrings.

Sharon died of a massive brain hemorrhage and we never had a chance to say goodbye.

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