Angela Gratton

living donor and recipient Donor Picture

I am very proud to say that I am a living donor. As I was being prepped for my heart/double-lung transplant, it occurred to me that there was a chance that I might not survive the operation. At that point, I asked if it was possible if any of my organs could be harvested and donated to someone who needed them. Coincidentally, the team asked if they could have my heart! I was taken aback by the request, but was told that although I required a full heart/lungs transplant, my heart was still viable for someone else. I immediately agreed! I felt that this was my way to give someone else a second chance at life, as was given to me.

The best part of it all was that I would still be alive. I eventually met the lady who received my heart. She and I went to physio together. She gave us the nickname “The Bobsey Twins”.

Ever since, we plan our annual checkups in London to take place at the same time. We began a tradition to celebrate our transplant anniversaries by dining out.

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