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The inspiration for my quilt patch is the necklace that my son gave me a few days after I donated my kidney to him.
My son, Nick, was diagnosed with kidney failure shortly after his 18th birthday and we were told that he needed a kidney transplant. We were devastated! We had no idea that he was so sick. But even as sick as he was and having to go to dialysis, he still managed to attend and graduate from high school. Once we got the news about Nick needing a transplant we turned our thoughts to who would give it to him. Nick was an only child and his Dad is a diabetic (not allowed to be a candidate), so I was the only one to be considered as a donor. Luck was with us and I was a match.

We had the surgery eight months after he was diagnosed. All went well. Needless to say it was an extremely stressful time for my husband. A few days after the surgery, Nick and his Dad presented me with a gold pendant that says “Mom” on the front, and “Thank you for the Special Gift” on the back. That pendant and my son’s health are extremely special to me. And now because of his transplant he is very healthy. The fabric that I used for my patch is from a quilt that I made for Nick. My very first quilt. It has been almost four years since the transplant and Nick is the picture of health. I feel so blessed that I was able to do this very special thing for him.

Karen Shuart

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