Christopher (Chris) Allen Rowe

Our special son for 18 years

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We adopted Chris when he was 6 weeks old and named him after Shirley’s Father, Allen Johns. He was a delightful, sociable baby and his older sister, Laura, instantly became his sibling protector. We watched him grow into an active, healthy child who loved his sports including competitive baseball and hockey, skiing, and cycling. His love for music resulted in a set of drums in a sound proofed room in our basement. Chris also had a great passion for most anything that went fast – including cars, motorcycles and rockets. Some of his hobbies included model vehicles and blasting rockets from the vacant properties around us.
Family and friends were very dear to Chris. The family camping trips in Canada and the tours of the UK and Europe provide us with many wonderful memories. We now know how important it is to savor and enjoy each treasured moment in our precious life. Chris’ desire to live life to the fullest was evident in his accomplishments and activities in his short life. Sometimes he pushed himself to live a little close to the edge and we believe that was part of God’s overall plan for his being called home at the tender age of 18. One does not realize how precious life can be until it is taken away.

We miss you Chris but have many proud memories.

Lots of Love,
Mom and Dad
(Ross and Shirley Rowe)

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