Adam McRae

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Adam was the youngest of three children. He was amiable, quiet and easy to get along with. As he matured, he began to enjoy working with his hands and machinery and doing auto repairs, etc. He had a large circle of friends and used to go camping with the gang on weekends.
Adam had just started a job as an apprentice, as had one of his best friends. They would travel to work together, and had worked at their new employer’s shop for about a month. He was doing welding in his new job and with the changes in his life, the headaches he had were attributed to the stress associated with his new occupation.

One evening he was heading out with this girlfriend, just after his 21st birthday. As he reached the driver’s side door of his car, he collapsed. The local hospital diagnosed that he had a brain hemorrhage and he was flown to the hospital in London. His buddies – about 20 guys and gals – followed soon after, waiting for a miracle, but Adam never regained consciousness.

Due to his youth and excellent physical condition, Adam was suitable as a donor of multiple organs. It has been the source of great comfort to us, to know that good has come from our tragedy, and that others will live better lives as a result of Adam’s untimely death.

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