Mary Lou Herd

“My donor must have been an angel to give the gift of life to someone she didn’t even know. Every day I think of her and give thanks for my life.” Rec Picture

My name is Mary Lou Herd. I am a 52-year-old woman from Wingham, Ontario. My husband’s name is Ron and we have a son named Rob.

Thanks to the decision of organ donation that my donor and her family made, also the terrific transplant team at University Hospital in London, Ontario, I received a new liver and a new lease on life.

My second chance at life has given my husband and myself, together, the opportunity to see and experience our son growing through the years and become a fine young man.

Thankfully my son still has his Mom, and my husband still has his wife. This is something that is very important to us. I wouldn’t have been able to, without a liver transplant.

For my quilt patch, I decided to make it out of a pair of my favourite old jeans. The butterfly is for hope and a new life. The words Faith, Hope, Determination and Love are some of the things that helped me before, during and since my transplant.

I consider it to be a real honour to have made a patch for this quilt.

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