Cory Spooner

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Cory was born with a heart disease called Endocardiofibroelastosis, a disease of the heart muscle. As a baby, Cory spent a lot of time at Children’s Hospital in Toronto. When he was of school age, his trips to Toronto were twice a year. As he grew up, we almost forgot he had a heart disease, except for the pills he took and not being able to play sports, he was just like any other child.

Then one day it happened. He started to feel very tired and worn out and he was only 27 years old. After many visits to doctors and heart specialists in London, we were told that it was time for a new heart.

Cory waited nine months in University Hospital in London for a heart. Then one morning it happened – a heart became available. Cory’s long wait for his new heart was at an end.

Cory ran in a race four months after the transplant and won. The trophy he won is for the donor and his family. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t thank God, the donor, his family, and the doctors for giving him a second chance at life. Without the new heart he would not be here today.

Cory has only one wish and that is to meet the donor family so he can thank them personally, and be able to put a name in his prayers for his hero.

Thank you with love.

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