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My husband, Norman Aspin, had a condition called “dilated cardiomyopathy”. He was a very active man, but had to slow down because of trouble with walking and breathing. His cardiologist in Hamilton sent us to University Hospital in London in May of that year, and he put Norman through many tests. At the end of all the tests, we were told that the medication was working so we returned to Hamilton and continued to see doctors so that he could be monitored.

In December, we returned to London and at that time Norman’s condition deteriorated and he was put on the list for a heart transplant. We met with the recipient coordinator who gave Norman a beeper, which we carried at all times and the waiting began.

We had one ‘dry run’, but he was in the hospital. While we were waiting for that special gift called ‘a heart’, I had to rush Norman into the hospital in Hamilton to have his appendix out. He was a high risk, but everything worked out fine.

On our fourth wedding anniversary, we got the call that a heart became available. While driving to London, I kept hoping that it wasn’t a dry run again. When we arrived at the hospital, the waiting began. I was happy when the surgeon came and told me that it was a match. I didn’t get to see Norman for 6 hours and he looked great. We spent 3 months in London where Norman had to exercise every day and the therapist wouldn’t take NO for an answer.

When we returned to Hamilton, we were able to travel once again. Norman got to see his youngest son get married and two grandchildren born. He worked until March and then he retired, but got bored and worked for his daughter. I teased him that we had the best looking lawn and flower garden. Once a year, we gave a transplant barbecue which I still hold every year.

On September 14th, the disease called cancer took him away from me and his family and two stepsons. We all miss him very much.

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