James Krymuza

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My name is James Krymuza. I am a recipient of a kidney, a husband, father, grandfather and former punch press setup man. Both my kidneys failed very quickly at the same time. I was put on dialysis and remained on it for two years. As this procedure was not working well, my health declined rapidly. My wife Neica and her brother Brian were tested to be possible donors. The three of us are of a rare blood type. However, my wife was a closer match. While on dialysis, I developed an uncommon form of anemia as well as fatigue. I had hoped that when I received a new kidney, these conditions would cease; but this did not prove to be the case. Our surgery took place in April of 1998. It was harder on my wife than on me. The kidney worked perfectly from day one. There were some complications. Once they were worked out, I had minimal pain. The new kidney was attached to the main artery in my stomach cavity, near the groin. I started to go into rejection and was placed on the newest medicine out at that time. God helped me through everything, and it has been fine ever since. I am also a participant in a test program for the next new medicine out for transplant people. God has given me seven years since my transplant. I am now able to enjoy renewed life with my dear wife, our family and friends. During 2005, we celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary.

I thank the doctors, staff and everyone involved with my dialysis, kidney transplant, hospital stay and follow-up since. May God richly bless you and all the work you do.

I highly recommend that people sign their driver’s donor card or be a live donor, if you are able. You will never know how much it could mean to someone like me. God gave me a second chance; you could give someone that chance too.

The explanation of my quilt patch is as follows: The upper right corner represents my two dead kidneys. The upper left represents Neica’s two good kidneys. The cross in the centre represents our faith, prayers and trust in God. The bottom two kidneys represent one for Neica and one for me, received and given with love. The heart contains a Bible verse that has special meaning for me.

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