Pieta Vandenham

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2nd Chance 2nd Generation
This quilt square represents a second chance at life as well as enjoying the life of a second generation.

The windmill on the quilt illustrates my mom, Pieta Vandenham’s heritage and birthplace. She was born in Holland and immigrated to Canada as a teenager. She married Frans Vandenham and together they had four children.

The names around the windmill represent her five grandchildren whose lives have been enriched by my mother having a second chance at life with a LIVER TRANSPLANT.

Not only have her grandchildren been able to enjoy having their Oma in their lives, but as her only daughter there are no words to describe how grateful I am for my mom’s extension of life for these many extra years. This is all because of the generosity of organ donation.

With the utmost sincerity and gratitude from the family of PIETA VANDENHAM, we want to thank everyone involved with Organ Awareness.

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