Lynn Tetler

Liver transplant

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I was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis and went on the waiting list for a new liver. What a shock to me and my family. I had been very tired for several years but we attributed that to the fact that I was working full time, had a small child, and was attending university on a part-time basis. When liver enzyme testing was finally done through my gynecologist, they found my numbers were extremely high and then all the testing began. I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me. No one in my family has had any liver problems. Being on the waiting list was very stressful not knowing at which moment I would be paged to get to the hospital within a couple of hours. Also, not knowing if I would survive this major surgery and that I might never see my son grow up was always on my mind.

Due to someone’s extreme generosity in donating their loved one’s organs, I was able to receive a healthy new liver. I have been able to lead a normal life since then.

I work full time and my son is now 19. I had been an avid motorcyclist since I was 18 and, when I was too tired to ride, it was very discouraging to see the bike sitting gathering dust. After a couple of years when my strength was back I started riding again. It is a tremendous feeling to be out in the fresh air and going on leisurely drives throughout the country. My husband surprised me on my birthday with my own bike. We had been sharing a bike before that time. Every day I give thanks to the donor and his family for their generous gift of life to me. May God bless them!

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