Ron Simpson

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In 2004, I was diagnosed with a rare hereditary “gene” called hereditary familial amyloidosis. It is a protein originating in the liver that attacks the nervous system and heart. The only way to rid it of the system is a liver transplant. I was put on the transplant list, and in October 2005 I had my transplant. Because it takes 40 years or more to attack the system, I was able to donate my liver to someone else, because it would start over again in their body, giving them a longer life. I am dedicating my patch to my Father, Grandfather, and Uncle, who not only fought for our freedom in WWII but also succumbed to amyloidosis. Their autopsies helped determine the gene in other family members. So far, two other family members also had transplants. After a year recovering, I am back to work at LHSC, where I had my transplant, enjoying my second lease on life, with my wife, two sons, family and friends. I also do some volunteering with The London Transplant Gift of Life Association.


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