Pat Horricks

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Pat was first diagnosed with liver failure in 1987 and after several surgeries she was put on the transplant list in March of 1988. Because of a rapidly deteriorating condition, Pat was flown to London. We arrived on Saturday and on Monday went for several tests. On Tuesday she met with Dr. Wall and was accepted for a transplant. It was felt that Pat had very little time – possibly one to two weeks, and by God’s good grace one day later Pat’s beeper went off – one day before her birthday.

It was the beginning of a new and better life for Pat and her entire family.

It was three months later when we returned home and Pat attended her eldest daughter’s wedding. We now have three wonderful grandchildren. The experience gave us a new outlook on life. How lucky we were to have this chance that changed our lives.

Pat has been very involved with our church as a member of the Vestry and President of the ladies group. She has also received a lifetime membership with the ACW (Anglican Church Women).

In closing, we, as a family, would like to say thank you to all involved – the donor family, the doctors and the staff at the hospital and many others.

Our lives have truly been blessed.

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