Paul Mulligan

[Quilt patch by the Walkerburn Club, Auburn, Ontario]

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By living a life of little illness, it took me by surprise to feel not quite right with various ailments over a continued period of time when this forced me to cease work, visits to doctors started, and prolonged stays in hospitals finally led to the words ‘liver transplant’. I was placed on a recipient list to wait my turn. Much time passed, hospital stays continued, and the illness became worse by the day. At this time I was permanently hospitalized and too ill to know a donor organ was found. The transplant operation was performed in London, Ontario.

When I finally started coming around, more problems started up; there were more doctor visits, more hospital stays. Finally after 3½ years from the first sign of illness, I was able to make my way back into society, the transplant had been a success.

Unable to work, I looked at other places to put the energy I had left to help other people. I rejoined my local Optimist Club and did many chores that others who were working did not have time to do. This went along quite well and I was made a Life Member a couple of years ago. Another venture I took on was the 24-hour Relay supporting the hospital I spent so much time in. This is held annually on the second Saturday of June in Harris Park in London, Ontario.

My last large endeavour is volunteering for my Local Area Chamber of Commerce. Most of my time there is operating their Tourist Information Booth. It is something I can do and enjoy. I also do other small jobs for the Chamber over the course of the year. This has also proved productive because for the year 2004, they made me their “Citizen of the Year”.

By this brief outline, you can see I am carrying on as a fairly normal person. This would not have happened if a normal individual had not taken the time to sign a donor card. If reading this and you have not, please do and learn about what you signed.

Please remember “Do not take your organs to heaven, heaven knows we need them here”.

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