Dick Winter

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Dick Winter received a liver transplant in 1990 after being told that he would not live much longer without one. The transplant was a success, and this second chance of life inspired Dick to become more active in many areas. With his efforts focused on achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Dick decided to take up swimming seriously, training under the watchful eye of Master Swim Coach Steve Merker.

In 1993, Dick won a bronze medal for swimming at the World Transplant Games in Vancouver and with even more determination and training in 1995 followed that performance with an incredible four gold medals and one silver at the World Transplant Games in Manchester, England.

Dick also was active in Dragon boating racing over the years with “Team Transplant”.

Dick worked for 46 years as an optician and is now retired. He stays active by volunteering at a variety of agencies, including Peel Memorial Hospital in Brampton, and has lectured at many events promoting the success of organ donation. He is actively involved with the Canadian Transplant Association (CTA), a national body representing transplant recipients. Their mission is to help promote a healthy lifestyle for recipients and to promote “Organ Donor Awareness”. Dick has served on their Board of Directors for over 10 years as Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Chairman, Website management and Editor of the Living Proof newsletter.

Their motto is ‘Carpe Diem’ (“Seize the Day”), and to make every moment of life count. Take the time to sign a donor consent card and discuss your wishes with your family members. The second chance of life, which Dick is currently enjoying, wouldn’t be there except that someone made this ‘Gift of Life’ possible.

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